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Sylvia's Sparkles: February 2014

Thursday, 27 February 2014

23 days to spring

 Spring is only few weeks away (more like 2 months away let's be honest we live in England) but we never know, here is to hope ... 
 Talking about spring and summer, I can't wait to start running again and have a little swim on the weekends to get back into shape. The gorgeous Rebecca from Urban flip flops is hosting a giveaway on her blog, the lucky winner gets 5 free training sessions at David LLoyd club. Make sure you check her lovely blog and enter to win this wonderful prize. If you are like me you will wanna loose the little love handle before the bikini season and if not then go have fun and spend your energy with friends!
 Can you tell I am obsessed with every shades of blue for the new season? Pale blue, navy, stripes and even mint ... I love colours, patterns etc but the simpler the better for me. And as good frenchie from Brittany I think I was born in stripes surely!

Spring is just around the corner 

(I keep repeating this to myself when I wake up and see the rain outside) 

xo. S.S

Images, herehereherehere and here

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Stressed but well dressed

Ok so who has a 'non stressful' life? If you do please tell me your secret because with me when life stops being stressful another thing comes along, funny right? 
Well this Zara clutch was meant for me really.

Don't you just love the 'stressed, but well dressed' quote on the clutch? I saw it a couple of weeks ago and thought I had to put my hands on it!
It is now out of stock in the UK sadly but I am sure it will come back or is at least available in some stores! 

Zara clutch (out of stock but will keep you posted if it comes back) Coat: Zara (old) like this one, Hat: Zara (old) similar, Scarf: Caroll, Pants: J.crew, Boots: Zara (old)  love the J.Crew ones, Gloves: Marks and Spencer (out of stock) Similar Karen Millen (ON SALE)

Life is stressful but dress nicely it will definitely make you feel better 

xo S.S

Monday, 24 February 2014

London calling

First of all sorry for being so not connected with my blog lately, I have so many things going on but so many ideas for this blog in my head that while life is taking over me I still want great things for this blog and it will come ...

Lewis got a job in London last week and his first week has been 'metro boulot dodo' as we say in french. Commuting is a nightmare but apartment hunting is even worse. London is ever so expensive, a lot more than when I lived there 5 years ago. I feel like I will never see the light at the end of the tunnel but hey ho c'est la vie mes amis!

I will be posting a little bit more this week while trying to find a new home, a new job, packing re-packing boxes and trying to find my clothes in the storage room outside town.

Life will get better!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the little bit of sunshine we have had lately, the sun has made an appearance (for how long we aren't sure) but at least it feels like spring is around the corner ...

Love to you all

xo S.S

Image from Tumblr 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day to my husband, 1st v-day as a married couple and many more to come!
We went to London for the day and got completely soaking wet ... the weather is absolutely awful so still no outfit post as long as we have storms ...
We had lunch at Shake Shack (very romantic) but on an honest note they gave us two FREE prosecco glasses :) How nice was that ...

Well hope you enjoyed your day with your valentine or with friends and family if you have not found your other half yet ... 
Lots of love to you all 

xo S.S

(photo from the Turks and Caicos) 

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Today I thought I would share some of my favourite looks from the New York fashion week while waiting for the London one that starts tomorrow :) Hope you enjoy the looks as much as I do, it definitely gave me inspirations for some outfit posts! 

Olivia Pallermo

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Be my valentine

With Valentine's day being on friday, we are surrounded by pink, red and pale blue :) 
Don't you just love it? I mean really it's mainly about spending money and not so much about celebrating love anymore. If we think about it we should celebrate L.O.V.E every single day ... I love my husband a little more every single day and V.day shouldn't be the only day to show him.

However I am not going to complain if I get a sweet little card and a lovely cooked meal (have I ever told you that LJD is the best cook I know?) He should really have his own restaurant but shhh don't tell him I said that...

I put together a little list of cute things for Valentine's day, hope you enjoy! 

This week is a little bit crazy busy but I will hopefully be sharing a bit more by the end of the week!

xo friends! 


1) Love pillow (also in peach and grey colour)
8) Pink coat (on sale)
9) Canvas art (all sold out but I have been eyeing it to see when they are back in stock) 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

6 months

This weekend was our six months anniversary ... I know I should wait until one year but six months it's still meaningful :) It has been so wonderful to be married to such an amazing man, my hubby, my confident, my best friend, my everything. I am lucky to have found a man that completes me ... so ...

Cheers to the future! 

Photo from our French wedding

Friday, 7 February 2014

Casual fridays

 Today felt like a casual friday, nothing better than a comfy J.Crew sweater (monogrammed of course) and some nice new balance!

I am having major issues with my camera at the moment it use to take amazing photos (what a Nikon is meant to do) and suddenly its all blurry and the colour is awful so I will try to post outfits in the next couple of weeks but i am sending it to the doctor (if you know what I mean)

 Sweater: J.Crew (in navy), Jeans: Massimo Dutti, Trainers: New Balance

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Graduation day

As you may have seen on Instagram last friday was my graduation. It was really strange to finish University in May and have the graduation in January but in the end seeing everyone after so many months was really special. I was lucky to have my mum with me there and my sweet husband, I got to spend the entire weekend with my mum so it was just really perfect

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pink is the new black

 I have a slight obsession for pink, I liked it when I was a child (who doesn't) but later on in my teens I wasn't such a fan, I always wore neutrals and maybe too much black and grey or brown. For the last few years I have rediscovered pink ... I think it makes such a statement especially if it is a bright pink ...

 Pink is definitely the new black for me, I have pink shoes, handbags, jewellery and so many pink clothes ... I still need some more for the upcoming spring/summer ...
Pink definitely makes me happy and that's just what I need these days in between stress of the unknown  and the rain, wind and greet sky (England is amazing but definitely not for me weather wise) 

Hope you all had a fab weekend and sorry for being so quite this past week but I had my graduation (photos to come) and my mum was in England for the weekend so I tried to enjoy every single moment with her! Have a lovely week folks :) 

xo S.S

Image, herehereherehere (couldn't find the original), here, last one is an old photo from J.Crew