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Sylvia's Sparkles: November 2013

Friday, 29 November 2013

Sick days essentials

 Been a bit ill for the last few days... It had to happen though between the cold weather and being super tired. I think either France is colder than England or I was allergic to France and then it turned into a cold ... no I am just kidding, I had a fab few days in France seeing friends and family and enjoying shopping and chatting to my mum!

I am currently lying on the sofa with a hot chocolate and in cosy pj's under the blanket watching christmas films and Friends (if you didn't know it I'm a Friends addict). I have gathered some 'sick days' essentials to be comfy and recovering very quick!

Hope you all had a lovely week! TGIF and have a fabulous weekend, hopefully not with a cold like me :) 

1) Home alone dvd (they have the 4 of them for 9Ā£ in HMV)
2) Stag pillow
3) Limited edition gold mug
4) J.Crew sleepwear shirt
5) Sweatpants
6) Throw

Monday, 25 November 2013

Je vois la vie en rose

These were taken a few weeks back when it was just about the right temperature you know not like now we are all freezing out but off. I love having a statement piece on me, wether it is a necklace bright or shinny, a pair of earrings, some cute shoes or even a bright pink coat :) 

I was not particularly looking for one and found this coat online on House of Fraser and hold on to this ... it was on SALE lol I get a bit crazy when things are on sale, let's be honest you are being your computer going 'she is mad' or maybe more like 'oh yes me too sale gets my head crazy'. Anyway this coat is from last winter but I adore it, you can dress it up with some pretty simple clothes like this J.Crew jumper and J.Crew pixie leather pants and some pretty simple shinny black loafers. I also love wearing this coat with a boyfriend jean, a cute shirt or plain t-shirt and add a cute necklace and some heels :) 

Jumper (old) but similar {here} and{here} Pixie pants {here} Coat (old) but I like {this} one. Shoes from {over here} The sunnies are from Pepe Jeans at TK Maxx. My earrings are old and found on ebay to be honest so you can easily just type J.Crew earrings or statement earrings and you will find some beauties :) 


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Happy weekend

Happy weekend folks !!
Can we all agree that it would be so much better if there was a day between saturday and sunday? just to relax not being greedy serious ...

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

J.Crew christmas gifts ideas

41 days until Christmas

Ok so people it is 'the most wonderful time of the year', yes yes yes christmas is coming and I just realised I have to start gathering my christmas gifts. I have seen a lot of cute little things in different shops (i.e Anthropologie) 
I went on J.Crew.com earlier this evening and found all these beautiful new arrivals ... 
I was literally in heaven so I thought I would share FEW of many amazing things J.Crew has at the moment. Their jumpers (or sweaters call it however you want it) are just so amazing and comfy and that Nobody's perfect t-shirt ... well it sits really well in my wardrobe, I bought it last week and I just love it I was tempted between that and 'Blah blah blah' which I though represents me quite well don't you think? Just though I'd mention as well that you can monogram your pj's and this cute little passport holder which I think is a really sweet personalised christmas gift. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the build up to Christmas 

ps: will be posting a lot more Christmas gifts ideas soon, stay tuned :) 

love SS

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New York I love you

Just a few photos of New York from this summer

'The city seen from the Queensboro bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.'

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fall neutrals

Sweater Scarf - Coat - Booties - Bag - Hat - Clutch

Those are some of my favourite go to for this autumn. This Kate Spade handbag is to die for, I am a big fan of bows wether they are in your hair, on your wrist or on a bag ... I love the combination of camel and black as well just perfect for the winter. Talking about black I am not particularly fan of wearing black unless it's like one of these days where you wear black top to bottom to run some errands. Anyhow I fell in love with those cute ankle boots (in black). I have recently also rediscover Massimo Dutti and find it reasonably cheap and love their chunky jumpers. 

The Gigi New York clutch comes with monograming (by now I think you got my love for monograming). To complete a good autumn look there is nothing better than a good cocoon coat, you know the type of one you grab while running out the house and that you can wear with anything and anytime? Well I have seen a lot of cosy ones from Cos, Whistles, Jaeger and for cheaper versions Zara have some pretty cute ones like the one on top. 

Oh and don't forget to put a hat on before going through the door :) 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

countryside walk

A good pair of Hunter boots is a must in life. I mean we live in the UK right, let's be honest it rains a lot  in this country and at the moment I live in my hunter boots. 

We had that lovely walk in the country side (yes I know I spent my life either in London either in the country side) It was so peaceful and lovely, I absolutely love autumn it is actually my favourite season. I adore getting hot chocolates or spice pumpkin late at Starbucks, getting big chunky sweaters and fur vests. Wearing ankle boots all day every day and the crisp weather. 

It feels like christmas is coming so quickly though. In london all the decorations are up and its beautiful. Some store windows will be up soon on the blog make sure you tune in :) 

Boots : hunters Jeans : Hollister Jumper : J.Crew (old) similars Jacket : Tesco (out of stock) Shirt : J.Crew (old) similar

I have been missing my dog a lot recently I think I really need a dog just for cuddles and fun really lol look at these dogs aren't they so cute? I am so in love with College Prepster's new dog Teddy he is so cute!! Make sure you check out her blog, always so inspiring.

Friday, 1 November 2013

J.Crew favourites

The november issue is now out and we could not be happier about the new looks that J.Crew has to offer. The issue was shot in the countryside here in the UK which makes it even more special, I absolutely love the countryside don't you? I mean everyone knows I am a city girl but time to time I enjoy a good old day in the field. 

One of the store is already open in London so go and have a good look at Lamb's Conduit Street ... 

Flagship on Regent Street opening on 8th November at 10 am. You do not want to miss it, Jenna Lyon and Mickey will be there so it will be even more special. In the meantime here are a few of my favourite looks for the fall/winter collection that my colleagues and I have spent days unpacking and ... let's be honest we have also been dying to buy everything in the store.

Enjoy :) 
 Who does not love a good Etta pump?
 Everyone needs a Pixie pants in their wardrobe they are the comfiest thing ever!
 Now this necklace is to die for, ok I mean there a lot of statement necklaces out there at the moment but this one? I mean THIS ONE!! 
 Ok Jenna Lyons once said "as far as I'm concerned Leopard is a neutral" and she was right. Find these beauty over here
 This jumper is ever so sweet just perfect for fall you can find it in different colours, I particularly find the 'Elm indigo' very cute for this season. 
Ok so what is there to say about Italian Cashmere apart from 'its amazing, comfy, beautiful' (a little pricy I have to say) but this cardigan will forever be yours. Oh and did I forget to mention that J.Crew offers monograming????? Monograming is a favourite of mine, I said to my husband once we got married 'I'm gonna monogram the shit of everything we own' (and I did)