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Sylvia's Sparkles: Waking in a Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Waking in a Winter Wonderland

 I just want to apologise first for the amount of photos in this post, you might be sick of it by the end :) 
My husband took me to Winter Wonderland (on a week day) because if you decide to go over the weekend you might collapse in the crowd ...

Who doesn't love ice skating over the christmas seasons? Well actually to be completely honest with you I adore watching people ice-skate but I'm always worried Im gonna break something before going of on holiday ... (its really insane i know) so anyway no judging please lol 
The photo underneath is blurry I know I was going to delete it but I actually realised it looked sweet with the garland of that tree, it's making it very christmasy :) 

Ok so I walked through the entrance of this place saying to myself (and to my hubby who was partially listening) that I will not spend any money, after my little extravaganza in J.Crew (shhh)!! Prices in the Winter Wonderland are a tad high and I would certainly most not want to spend my money on food annnnnnd here we were again me having a NUTELLA CREPES can you believe it? me? a crepe? 
Lewis did not picture my face but man it was deliciouza :)

This tree freaked me out when we entered (if you know me you will know that any noise and unexpected thing scared the living out of me) Anyway a talking tree really? 

Can you see me up there? no I'm only kidding, you will never see me in one of these, well not anymore I am now a grown up (she says). They seem like they had a lot of fun though ... however wouldn't walk underneath just in case! 

On this note folks I wish you all a wonderful night! Winter Wonderland has tired me and I am still recovering from yesterday, if you have the chance to go and have a little walk through (and remember no spending) do go because its sweet and magical and would very much put a cheeky smile on any sad face ... 

Love, xo S.S


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