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Sylvia's Sparkles: An inspiring lady

Monday, 20 August 2012

An inspiring lady

This women is so inspiring ... she has an amazing blog that you could just spend hours reading, and she has a really cute little family and Im really hoping i'll be like her when I have my own because she manages to do so many things and all of that with her two babies and husband and the dog of course ... so seriously when people say children ruin their lives because they can't do anything anymore ... I think they are wrong I think that if you want to have kids you then accept they are part of your live 24/7 ...

Keep doing what you want to do in life just add little cute humans to the equations and if you feel brave but just if you feel like it ... you can also add a little animal to it but really only if you feel like having a little more mess in your house ...

So I dedicate this post to Naomi Davis who I think inspire more than one woman in this world :)

Here is her blog people : http://www.tazaandhusband.com/


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